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When is the Best Time to Sell My Used Cellphone

Nov 15, 2021 •

How much you’ll receive for selling a used cellphone is partially determined when you sell the phone. To get the best overall deal, you’ll have to consider your need for funds and the phone series release schedule. Here’s a look at four of the best times to sell used cellphones, depending on your specific needs.

When You Have the Phone in Hand

The most convenient time to sell your old cellphone is when you’re thinking about doing so, and convenience might be the only factor to consider.

If you’re unlikely to sell the phone later, whether due to forgetfulness, busyness, or anything else, now is the time to sell it regardless of whether this is the best financial decision. Getting the maximum value doesn’t matter if you won’t go through the process at any other time.

You’re obviously giving thought to selling a phone now, given that you’re reading this post. At least take the time to see how much your phone is worth.

We at MLG Cash have a simple survey that takes only a few minutes (if that) to complete. Assuming you’re pleased with the offer, simply take the phone to a UPS Store to complete the transaction. There are more than 5,000 UPS Stores that serve as dropoff locations for us.

We have streamlined the online phone selling process as much as possible because we realize convenience is important. Get a quote now if you want the easiest process.

When You Need Cash

Sometimes the need for immediate cash is more important than eeking out every last dollar from a sale. If you have a bill that’s due or want to buy a last-minute present, now is the time to sell your cellphone.

If you’re in this situation, you want to get the highest possible price while also receiving instant payment. At MLG Cash, we provide both.

Our prices are regularly 30 percent more than what other buyers offer, and you’ll know what we can pay upfront after completing the survey. When you turn in the phone and its condition is confirmed, you’ll instantly receive payment via MoneyGram, Walmart Cash Pickup, or Paypal.

You can complete the entire process of getting a quote and turning in your phone within a day, if not a few hours or less. When you need cash immediately, we’ll make sure to deliver your funds instantly.

Before a New Release

If you don’t necessarily need funds immediately, you’ll get the highest price by selling right before a new model release.

When a new model debuts, the value of previous models will immediately drop. Everyone from new retailers to cell phone buyers has to sustain the drop, and therefore buyers can’t pay you as much for the previous model. Moreover, the drop applies to all models in the series even though the most recent model will experience the biggest decline in price.

As an example, consider the used values of the two recent iPhone models. A base iPhone 12 is worth $325 in good condition, while a base iPhone 11 can get $190. That’s more than a $100 difference simply because the iPhone 12 is newer, and the difference is even more when looking at higher-end versions.

Selling your phone right before a new release will ensure you receive the highest price possible, especially if the phone is currently still the most recent model.

Getting the maximum amount possible is particularly important when you’re selling a more recent model. We regularly offer 30 percent more than competitors when you sell a phone. On the two models listed above, that’s a bonus of $94 and $57 respectively.

When a Refurbished Model Debuts

If you intend to upgrade phones, it may be advantageous to wait until manufacturer refurbished units of the newest model become available. This can be an especially good strategy if you want a higher-end version of the newest model.

Waiting for refurbished units will take at least a few months, and that’s a time during which your used phone’s value will decline. Some manufacturer refurbished units sell for 15 percent or more off of the original price, and that’s likely to be greater than the depreciation in your phone’s value.

Even though you’ll get less for selling your phone, you could save more by waiting for the new one to be available refurbished. A 15% savings on a $1,000+ new phone is hard to beat.

Check Your Phone’s Value

No matter which of these four scenarios describes you, finding the best time to sell your phone requires knowing what the phone is worth. Find out how much you could get for a used phone now, by filling out our survey. You could receive that much today if you like the offer, or you can know what it’s worth currently to make a selling decision in the future. Either way, we at MLG Cash are ready to buy your used cellphone whenever you decide to sell.