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Where Can I Sell My iPhone Near Me?

Mar 25, 2022 •

You shouldn’t have to travel far in order to sell an iPhone. We at MLG Cash have made it so that you likely already live near a location where you can drop it off.

Sell Your iPhone at The UPS Store

Your local UPS Store won’t actually purchase your iPhone, but they’ll accept it on our behalf. Take your phone and our quote (see below) to any UPS Store location, and one of their employees will confirm its condition and accept it. UPS will then ship the phone to us.

We chose to partner with The UPS Store largely because they have so many locations throughout the country — more than 5,000 in total. You undoubtedly have one nearby, and probably already go past it occasionally if not every day.

Get a Quote Before Going to a UPS Store Location

On your way to a UPS Store location, you don’t have to wonder how much your phone will be worth. We offer a six-part online form that will calculate your phone’s value in minutes. All you have to do is enter the model, and answer a few questions about storage, carrier, and condition.

The form will provide an exact figure that we can give you. You won’t get “around” the quoted amount — you’ll get the quoted amount as long as the described condition is accurate. The conditions questions are basic and easily answered, so there’s not much debate to worry about.

We Accept Many Different iPhones

On the first question of the form, you’ll see that we accept a wide variety of iPhones. Virtually all models going back to the iPhone 8 are worth something, and the newer ones can have quite high prices.

For example, consider the three-year-old iPhone 11 Pro. With maximum storage and in working condition, the phone can fetch as much as $285. The iPhone 12 Pro is worth even more, potentially having a value of $510 — that’s a short vacation right there.

Here are some other valuations for reference (all work but have the minimum storage space):

  • iPhone 8 Plus can be $100
  • iPhone XS can be $140
  • iPhone 11 can be $190
  • iPhone 12 Mini can be $240
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max can be $660

You’ll find that these amounts tend to be substantially more than what others will offer. Partly because we’re able to efficiently ship phones with UPS, our costs allow us to pay you more.

However much your phone is worth, there aren’t any restrictions on how you use the money. Put it toward a new phone, pay off debts or bills, have some fun, or treat someone. The choice is entirely yours.

Get Paid Instantly

We also don’t waste any time getting you your money. We send payment immediately to your Paypal or Walmart Cash Pickup, so you can use the funds as soon as you leave the UPS store (or before, if you have something to ship).

Be Pleased With Your Sale

You’ll be smiling with those additional funds in your account, but that’s not the only reason to feel good about selling your phone.

We plant a tree for every phone that we receive. A single tree might seem like a small gesture, but the phones cumulatively have a major effect. Your phone will become one tree in a forest.

Sell Your Phone Today

Why wait to sell your iPhone? Start filling out our form, and find out what it’s worth. Whatever amount you see, that could be yours as soon as you make it to a UPS Store — within the hour, possibly.