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Where to Instantly Sell Your Phone Online for Cash

Jun 28, 2022 •

Selling your phone online will often get you the best price for the phone, and the process doesn’t have to take long. At MLG Cash, we can help you instantly sell your phone online for cash.

What to Expect When “Instantly” Selling Your Phone

Before deciding where to sell your phone online, first check how each step of the process is handled. The three steps to selling your phone are:

  1. Getting a quote for your old phone
  2. Turning the phone in
  3. Getting paid

Some online phone buyers handle each of these steps faster than other buyers do.

Quickly Get Quotes for Your Phone

The fastest processes offer instant online quotes for phones, allowing you to determine the value of your phone quickly. You should be able to know how much your phone is worth immediately after providing information about the phone.

For example, MLG Cash offers instant online quotes after answering a few basic questions. We need to know what your phone’s model, storage, carrier, and condition are, and then we can instantly give you a quote for the phone.

Moreover, the condition only involves whether your phone turns on, has an in-tact screen, has in-tact housing, and has an activation lock turned off. You don’t need any advanced technical knowledge to answer these questions.

The entire process entails only six steps, one of which is skipped for most models and another which is the quote itself. You can probably complete the quote in under a minute, and no more than a few if you need to check the device’s storage or screen condition.

Take Your Phone to a Nearby Location

The longest step is simply turning in your phone somewhere, so the buyer can take the phone and you can get paid. While this second step must take some time, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time if you can drop the phone off at a convenient nearby location.

MLG Cash has partnered with The UPS Store, in order to ensure that our customers have convenient nearby locations where they can take their phones. The shipping company has more than 5,000 stores. You’ll likely find a location close to your home, work, or school, and perhaps directly on your commute.

Get Paid Instantly When Turning in Your Phone

Once your phone is turned in, you should be paid instantly. Why should you have to wait for a check or other delay? Modern payment methods allow money to be instantly transferred. Expect payment within minutes (at most) of when you actually surrender your phone.

At MLG Cash, we offer instant payment the moment your phone is accepted by a UPS Store employee. The employee will confirm your phone’s condition, and send an update that they have the phone. We’ll then send you payment via PayPal or Walmart Cash Pickup — and you can expect it in your account before you reach the UPS Store’s front door.

Since we send money instantly to your account, you can use the money however you like on the same day. You can put it toward a new phone, pay a bill that’s due soon, or simply treat yourself to ice cream on the way home. If you’re selling a recent high-end model, you might receive enough to do all three before you reach your driveway.

Get Started Selling Your Phone With MLG Cash

To get started selling your old cell phone, see how much the phone is worth with our instant online quote tool. Just describe your phone accurately, and the quote provided could be in your account today — or even within the hour if you leave for a UPS Store now.