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Why Is My Phone Charging Slowly

Apr 1, 2022 •

Phone batteries are known for sometimes having a variety of issues, of which slow charging is a fairly common one. If your phone is taking longer to reach 100% charge, there may be a few issues causing the slowdown.

Low Power Supply

The most obvious cause of slow charging is a low power supply. Your phone won’t charge as fast if it’s plugged into a computer as if it’s plugged into an outlet, and solar chargers, power banks, and other portable devices often also have lower charge rates.

Plug your phone into an outlet, and see whether it charges at normal speed when connected to household power.

Low-Power Converter

Your phone also won’t charge fast if it’s connected to a low-power converter. Standard power supplies can overwhelm phones, damaging their battery and posing fire risks. Converters transform a power supply into a wattage that’s appropriate for a device.

You never want to use a converter that’s more powerful than what your phone came with, but it’s generally safe to use a lower-powered one. Your phone just won’t charge as fast.

Check to see whether a converter is provided by the phone’s manufacturer, and compare its power with a manufacturer-provided converter if the one you’re using is made by a third party. Any discrepancy in converter power would easily explain the slow charging.

Week Connection

Sometimes the power supply and converter are fine, but the phone still isn’t receiving enough power because of a faulty connection. A damaged wire, loose port, or grime could interfere with the transfer of power.

Check your cables for visible damage, keeping in mind that cables can break even if the outside is only sharply bent. Also, visually look at the ports to see if there’s dirt, and test them for wiggle.

Should you suspect a weak connection, you can confirm that this is the issue by charging with another cable and port. A different charging setup should work fine if the connection is the culprit.

Open Apps

Rather than a hardware issue, the slow charging could be a software problem. Look at what apps are running in the background, and close any that you don’t need active.

Many apps continue to run in the background after they’re open unless you explicitly close them. These activities consume power, thus causing the phone to use power while getting recharged.

Phone Usage

If you’re using the phone and it’s charging slowly, your use is an obvious contributing factor if not the primary cause. Stop using the phone so that the screen can turn off, and the phone will regain battery much faster.

Failing Battery

If all of these other possibilities have been ruled out, a failing battery could be the underlying problem — and it can be a serious one.

Batteries wear down over time, and they can deteriorate quickly if you use the phone heavily, plug it in when mostly charged, or allow the battery to become extremely hot. Selecting “Battery” within the phone’s settings should yield some information about its current state.

Select Android phones have replaceable batteries, but many Android models and all iPhones are designed with a built-in battery that can’t be changed out. Unfortunately, a failing battery can be a terminal issue for many smartphones.

Get Cash for Your Phone

If your phone’s battery is responsible for the slow charging problem, the issue will only get worse over time. You’re going to eventually need a new phone.

You might be able to get cash for your current phone, however. Many phones still have some value even if their batteries are waning, so long as they still power on and off.

To find out how much your current phone is worth, complete our quick survey. We’ll provide a definitive quote based on your description, and that amount can be yours on the same day. Bring your offer and phone to a UPS Store location to surrender the phone, and get cash sent directly to your PayPal, Moneygram account or Walmart Cash Pickup. You can use that money to get a new phone that has a properly working battery.